Jeremy Stuart
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2019 Montage 

Westland Distillery - Anthem
Gates Foundation - 2025
Coach - Poppy Flower (Fragrance Launch)
Karla Colletto Fashion Film “Escándalo”
Bill Gates - Gatesnotes "Omaha"
Other People's Heads - Short
Visit Seattle - First Takes
The Flavr Blue - Fetti & Spaghetti [Official Video]
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas - Eyes (Instalation)
Venetian Hotel - Neon Swell (Instalation)
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas - Monarch (Instalation)
Vanity Fair - Breathable Luxe Directors Cut
Filson Co. - New York Flagship Launch
Brooks Running - Brand Anthem 2019
Spring Cleaning - Short Film
Gatesnotes: Omni Processor Dakar
Gates Foundation - 2025
WordPress: Hilde Lysiak
WordPress: Nappstar
WordPress: The Sewcialists
Anna Slevin Collection - Summer 2019 Mood Fashion Film
Cora - Body of Truth
It's For You - Short Film
MILCK - Oh My My (What A Life) [Official Video]
Alaska Airlines - West Coast Vibes
Rice Krispies - A Symphony of Snaps, Crackles & Pops
Swan Song of the Skunk Ape - Documentary Short Film

Music: Jungle - Happy Man